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   SUSHI TSUJITA serves classic Japanese cuisine based on Omakase (Chef’s choice of the various courses available, as selected by Chef Kato) to create a truly wonderful and exotic dining experience.

   This unique meal consists of authentic Japanese courses and is a truly remarkable and exquisite dining experience. You will experience Chef Kato’s culinary dedication and passion to deliver to the client the most pleasurable dining experience that will satisfy the most demanding gourmet palate.

   Utilizing the best ingredients from both international and domestic sources, the Chef crafts a very tantalizing menu, such as experienced in only the finest Tokyo restaurants serving Edomae sushi.

   SUSHI TSUJITA is a very chic and upscale restaurant that provides a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy fine dining in a luxurious and very comfortable setting that washes away stress and worry from a busy day.

   Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or just a “cool one’ to escape the hectic outside world, in our enclosed patio room. Warm and inviting, it provides a unique location for couples to enjoy each other before partaking in a fantastic dining experience. It also provides an enjoyable social location for clients waiting on friend arrivals to relax, unwind, and work up an appetite.

   Enter the cultured dining area. Enjoy the unique architectural design which blends a mixture of Japanese Bamboo accents with the modern contemporary style. The dining area is a feast for the eyes and you observe the intricate construction. Choose a comfortable desk or take a seat at the Chef’s counter to get a better view of him preparing your meal. His skill with the cutlery will simply amaze you.

   Whether an Edomae novice or a self-proclaimed sushi foodie, you will depart the SUSHI TSUJITA understanding that you have just added to your life chapter the ultimate in dining pleasures available from the mysterious Orient.

sushi tsujita sushi tsujita sushi tsujita


Sushi Tsujita serves the omakase of Chef Tsujita.


Blue Fin Tuna



Longtooth grouper

Shima Aji

Blackthoat Seaperch


Gizzard Shad


Mantis Shrimp

Salmon Roe

Live Sea Urchin

Sea Eel

Herring Roe Kelp

Sockeye Salmon

Live Sweet Shrimp

Queen Crab

Wagyu Tataki

Yari Squid

Homemade Egg Omelet

Please inform our staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies. We are unable to accommodate a vegetarian diet, or diet that does not include raw fish. We do not serve sashimi.
*Consuming raw or undercooked seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

$120   /   $150   /   $180

Salmon Roe
Live Scallp
Toro (ask)
White Fish (ask)
Squid (ask) Blue Fin Tuna
Sea Bream
Shima Aji
Yellow tail
ea UrchinSushi
Herring Roe Kelp
Black Mozuku Seaweed (Aomori)
Marinated of Pike Conger Roe
Murasaki Sea Urchin (Hokkaido)
Grilled Sword Fish with Sansho Pepper
Grilled Black Cod with Saikyo-miso
Grilled Taraba Crab
Sea Eel Shira-yaki
Scallop Isobe-Grille


Red Wine
By Glass
Josh Cellar Merlot   12/48
Five River Pinot Noir   12/48
Coppola Director’s Cabinet   14/56
Marbec Graffigna Gran Reserve   13/52
Fog Dog Pinot Noir 2012   69
Sanford Pinot Noir 2010   100
Barkan Merlot Reserve 2009   60
Kenwood Cabernet Jack London 2011   77
Overture by Opus One   300
Opus One   500
Phelps Insignia 2010   470
Antinori Solaia 2003   640
Penforlds Grange   1500
White Wine
By Glass
Santi Sortesele Pinot Grigio   10/40
Pacific Rim Dry Riesling Selenium   10/40
Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc   10/40
Meomi Chardonnay   15/60
By Bottle
Mae de Frades Albarino Spain 2012   60
Chimney Rock Sauvignon Blanc 2013   57
Chateau de Sancerre Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2012   63
Ste Michelle Eroica Riesling   60
Antica Chardonnay 2012   80
Flower Chardonnay 2012   110
Hokushin Chardonnay 2005   150
Latour Puligny Montrachet 2012   170
By Bottle
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut   138
Vueve Clicquot Yellow Label   136
Beau Joie Brut   230
Dom Perignon Vintage 2004   450
Nicolas Feuillatte   120
Listel   8/32
Cht La Gordonne   60


Sapporo    6
Asahi    6
Orion    9
Echigo    12
Tomino Houzan *Sweet Potato, Kagoshima*
glass   9   /    Bottle   70
Kawabe *Rice, Kumamoto*
glass   8   /    Bottle   60
Hot sake   15
By Cold
Tengumai *Junmai, Ishikawa 50%Rice Polish*
glass   16   /    Bottle   60
Ken *Daiginjo Fukushima 40%Rice Polish*
shot    22   /   glass   38   /    Bottle   160
Dassai *Junmai Daiginjo, Yamaguchi 23%Rice Polish*
shot    25   /   glass   40   /    Bottle   180
Dassai Beyond *Junmai Daiginjo, Yamaguchi 23%Polish*
shot    150   /   glass   250   /    Bottle   900
Soft drink
San pellegrino    6
Badoit    6
Aqua Panna    6
*Green Tea (Iced)    7        Matcha
*Green Tea (Hot)    7        Matcha
*No Refuel*

sushi tsujita



2006 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 U.S.A


Operating Hours
Tuesday through Sunday

18:00 - 22:30

12:00 - 15:00 (14:30 Last Order)

sushi tsujita


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call us at 310-231-1177

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